1 smart way to win back canceling customers

1 min read

When your customers cancel, it’s hard to change their minds, but they are still a better opportunity than trying to convert someone who’s not familiar with your brand.

Here is an excellent way on how to win back canceling customers.

Whenever someone begins to cancel their account, they see “Please tell us why you are canceling:” and display the following options:

1. Need a break (Pause My Account)
2. Cost
3. Difficulty of Use
4. Missing Functionality
5. Using Other Product
6. Not Using It
7. Something Else (Tell us the reason)

Your customer can’t cancel until they choose an option.

Once they do, the app gives them alternatives that are relevant to their chosen option.

For example, if they chose cost, they see an option to downgrade their account, and so on.

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