Freelancing during COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the world economy. Most countries are trying hard to help their citizens. At the same time, the unemployment number shot up as high as 40.4 million because of closed/lost business. Whether you are currently employed or not, now is the time to seriously explore freelancing as a viable option to earn additional income or go full-time.


Advantages of Freelancing:

Stay home, stay safe
You minimize the risk of getting exposed to the deadly virus. With just a laptop and wi-fi connection, you can have your office set up at home. Freelancing helps financially adding up to your savings or acting as a backup source of making money. It’s a significant contributor to the economy, helping businesses in need of online services.

Time is money
As rightly said, “Time is money,” you save your time from commuting to the office and getting stuck in traffic jams. Freelancing makes effective use of the time that you can use to update your skillset or relax your mind with some leisure time.

Most notably, in this digitalized world, finding time for your near and dear ones is possible. Stay close to your better half, kids, or pets and spend some quality time with them.

Be your Boss
Freelancing helps you to develop your network. You are independent of your work schedule and not tied to 9-5 hours of job. The flexibility of the work schedule gives you the opportunity of managing workload and minimizing mental pressure.

Saving of additional cost for the clients
Clients can save an additional amount spent for a full-time employee and the office spaces used for them. The cost of freelancing services is comparatively cheaper, and nowadays, many businesses have started opting for it.


How to grow your business as a freelancer?

Update yourself
Whether you are a newbie in the freelance business or an existing beneficiary, always represent yourself as the latest version. After all, everything needs an upgrade. Update yourself with specified skills you already have or learn your skills by taking up online courses.

Reach out your existing network 
To start your business, target your customers from your existing social network, those might be your social network or a local one. One of the best ways to be highlighted faster is through LinkedIn. If you already have a strong base network in your LinkedIn, it will make your job easier.

Get registered in freelancing platform
Another way is to get yourself registered in popular freelancing websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, etc. Optimize your profile with your skillset and services that you would be providing. Check the freelancing rates set by the people in your niche against the services they provide to have a brief idea of your charges.

Build your portfolio
A portfolio is a collection of documents that give insights about your work. Showcase your portfolio on the site where you are hunting for clients. As you proceed in the freelancing business, keep updating it to have a better edge over the competitors. This way, your client will develop confidence in your abilities.

Trustworthy relationship with your client
A happy client leads to more projects and hence more income. As a freelancer, you should take your work seriously and finish it off in the given timeframe. This helps in marketing yourself and promotes you among people of your niche.


Final words

This pandemic has accelerated the freelancing business, creating opportunities for growth and income. It is always great to follow your passion and provide your skills as a part-time or full-time freelancer. To remain competitive in this fast-paced world, don’t stop upskilling yourself with your current industry trends.  

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