7 questions to help you 4x revenue

1 min read

1. How did you discover our product?
This will show which channels are effective for user acquisition.

2. How would it make you feel if you could no longer use our product?
This will help you determine the product/market fit. Ideally, 40+% of replies should answer that they would be very disappointed.

3. If our product was no longer available, what would you use as an alternative?
Learn what your customers consider to be your competition.

4. What primary benefit have you received from using our product?
This will help you learn the main benefit your customers are receiving from using your product.

5. Have you recommended our product to anyone, and how?
It’s important to know how your customers describe your product to others – as it will help you craft compelling company messaging.

6. What type of person do you think would benefit from using our product?
This will help you understand the perfect use case for your product.

7. How can we improve our product to better meet your needs?
It helps you understand where your product is falling short and how you can fix this.

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