3 Reasons Why Using Numbers in Your Headlines Works

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Your blog article heading is the main hook to draw people in to read it, and it is up to you how well you can craft it. Take a look at the search results below.

Using Numbers Blog Heading

Each of these headings contains the exact figures. This technique is so popular because of social interest. Consider these statements below,

“I’ll give you 10 apples for $5. “

“I’ll give you several apples for $5. “

Both statements are in your benefit, but the first one assures you and removes any doubt. “10 apples” is precisely what you will get.

Now from the articles below, which one are you more likely to read?

growth hacks headings

The first one assures you that you will know at least 3 Hacks by the end of this article. This is the power of adding exact figures to the article heading.

Here are 3 reasons why using numbers in your headlines generate more traffic:

1. SUBSTANCE: The promise of something specific.
2. STRUCTURE: Make reading easier.
3. CLEAR ORGANIZATION: Essential for speed reading.

Remember, a number is always better than a word as they are easy to digest.

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