16 ways to market your startup online for $0

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If you are looking for ways to market your startup business online for free, then you have come to the right place. There are hundreds of marketing methods available on the internet. With so much information, it can be confusing to pick the most appropriate ones for your business, which are free or cost-effective. After all, it is said, “Too many cooks spoil the Broth.”

This article will guide you towards choosing the correct marketing tools & techniques. We have listed the top 16 methods to market your startup for free.


7 Free ways to market your business

Networking and driving engagement
The bigger your network, the faster your growth will be. Build strong relations with your customers by increasing your engagement rate. Drive your engagement rate through product messaging, commenting or retweeting posts, sharing, tagging content, adding hashtags, and follow them on various social media platforms.

Customer reviews/Customer testimonials
The more customers review your product, the more visible your product will be. Customer feedback proves your social existence and gains the trust of your potential customers. You can encourage your customers for honest feedback by offering rewards/coupons/discounts. Responding to all feedback and acknowledging bad reviews makes a potential customer more likely to purchase your product/service.

Using Social media platforms
Social media platforms can be the best for engaging with your audience to promote your business. It’s easier to reach your target audience as the userbase of social media is currently booming like never before. Depending on your target customer, you can use platforms like Facebook/YouTube and Instagram/Tiktok to reach out to the younger generation. Another example is LinkedIn/Twitter if you aim to reach out to niche customers. Webinars, posts, partnerships with influencers, holding contests, creating engaging content can be several ways of hitting your target group.

Email marketing
Not everyone using the internet will have a social media account, but most will surely have an email address. Statistics show this can be the best way to enjoy higher ROI as people check their emails daily. Hence this is the most powerful method among our ‘$0 online marketing methods’. It looks professional, easily start a conversation, provide updates about new launch/offers, and email also has more credibility. You can effectively share personalized messages/ discounts/coupons to your prospects.

Quora posting
A presence on Quora can increase your digital visibility manifold. Answering relevant questions asked by users about your product/ service can enhance your authenticity. Linking up Quora with other platforms like Facebook/LinkedIn can attract more views to your posts. By using Quora, you can analyze your engagement rate through the statistics they provide.

Through frequent blog posts, you can raise awareness of your brand, create value for potential customers, and reconnect with your existing audience. Educating the public about your product/service makes you trustworthy by creating value in the digital world. Small businesses always opt for blogging to develop deep bonds with their clients. Blogging can provide a pathway to be a market leader by boosting SEO and reducing your marketing budget.

Google my business
Registering yourself on Google my Business will help you reach potential customers, increase traffic, sales, promote your business profile, and increase engagement rate. The best part of Google my Business is that you can constantly monitor each engagement and improve on your weak areas.


9 Free tools to increase your business visibility online

Jotlink is an effective tool for placing all your content like links, messengers, content feeds, videos, music, or your podcasts in one place, with Jotlink cards. You simply have to add the link to your social account.

Yoast SEO Plugin
Yoast SEO is a simple tool that helps in adding meta title and meta description to your blog content, which is responsible for bringing organic traffic to your website.

Hemingway or Grammarly
Hemingway is a free tool that helps in writing error-free content by checking your mistakes and grammar. The free version of Grammarly works the same way.

Google analytics
An effective tool that helps check traffic to your website. It gives a detailed report about customer engagement, and you can comprehend how your business is doing.

Ubbersuggest is the most popular tool used for keyword research as its free plan provides many great features. You can get a detailed analysis of what keywords people are searching for and do competitor analysis.

The free plan of Canva offers a lot of templates for designing your posts. It is super easy to use, and not much time is wasted in designing from scratch.

Hootsuite helps in scheduling up to 30 posts across any social media platform with its free plan.

Google trends
Google trends educate you on the trending topics region wise and can help you in hitting the bull’s eye to increase your search visibility.

Mailchimp is email marketing tool that helps you send emails for up-to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month in its free plan, which is great for startups.

Every business needs a different marketing strategy. It may be difficult to pick up the right one, but with proper understanding and knowledge of all methods, you can easily select the best possible option for you.

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